Trey Songz appeared to have enjoyed his time at the Chiefs game, despite what went down. The rapper ended up getting arrested after an altercation with a police officer. There have been conflicting reports as to why the altercation erupted in the stands. Some have said it was because the singer refused to put his mask on while sources close to the singer believe that the officer had his eye on the singer the entire evening.

TMZ obtained new footage of the singer's adventure to the Chiefs game last weekend that adds a bit more context to what happened. Trey did have his mask off during the game but it was only to chow down on some french fries. The stadium rules require people to wear a mask unless they're eating or drinking. Trey had the mask hanging off of his chin, though this was 10 to 15 minutes before the police pulled up with stadium security.

Unshockingly, Trey was not the only individual in his area who didn't have a mask covering their mouth. The video reveals that many surrounding and filming the singer weren't fully masked, either. 

The video, unfortunately, doesn't negate the fact that Trey threw the first punch at the officer, but it does reveal an interesting double standard that was going on. 

Check the video out below.