All Trey Songz wanted to do was share the trailer to his single "Circles," but he found himself educating one of his followers who decided to call him out about "Black love." On Instagram, Trey Songz shared a clip from his forthcoming visual that will be released at midnight tonight. "The video for Circles is amazing, directed by @mahaneela.jpg we centered it around black love and some of circles we go through in relationships," he wrote. A fan asked, "Why is 'black' love different from 'white' love. Love IS love."

The singer took the time to respond and stated that the difference lies in history. "Black families were torn apart purposely," he said. "Mother's raped, Men taken from homes. America has always wanted the black family separated because of the strength we have when we are one. They go so far as to say black fathers don't exist and black love doesn't exist. So pardon me while I show black love and not all love."

Trey Songz added that "there are underlying pains in your relationship that are not in others," calling out the "stereotypes, the hardships, the black man and woman get the bottom of the barrel in America." Do you agree with Trey or his fan?