When Trey Songz posted a photo of himself holding a newborn baby's foot a few weeks ago, fans were curious to find out what was happening. Was Trey a new father or was he simply embracing one of his friend's children? It turned out that Trey had indeed welcomed his first baby boy into the world, announcing the news to the world and revealing his name to his fans. "My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace," wrote the singer on social media. The following weeks have been all about Trey and his son with the artist sharing moments they have together all over his pages. On the latest photo of the tyke, several fans urged Trey to reveal the identity of his baby mama, to which he vehemently refused by clapping back ferociously.

"Who is Noah's mom.. we needa talk," wrote one woman in the comments section. Trey Songz saw that and decided to get a little snippy in his reply, informing the fan that it likely wasn't the best idea to slide into the comments at all. "Noah's mom and you don't have shit to talk about," wrote Trey. "And the rest of y'all either mind ya fuckin business."

A note for anybody trying to gauge information out of Trey Songz in his comments: don't even try. He will clap back at you with a pretty fierce reply.