It's been a few months filled with controversy for Trey Songz. Earlier this year, the singer found himself at the center of a possible criminal offense after a video revealed a heated altercation with an officer at an NFL game. The January incident resulted in the singer being arrested and his mugshot being released to the public.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Despite his rather nonchalant reaction to the matter, it seems like Songz caught a break this time around. TMZ reports that criminal charges will not be filed against the singer. The Prosecutor's Office for Jackson County, MO cited insufficient evidence as to why they won't be pursuing charges.

The incident began when Trey Songz apparently removed his mask at the event. His team said that he was simply removing the mask in order to eat, which was permitted at the game. The video that emerged seemingly showed Trey Songz throwing the first punch at the officer but his team said that the cop had been targeting him all evening. 

Trey was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest which are both misdemeanors. He was also charged for assaulting an officer -- a low-level felony charge.

It looks like Trey Songz can rest easy knowing that the charges have been dropped. Hopefully, he returns with some new music for the summer now that this headache has been resolved.