The recent update of Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Operation Absolute Zero, is centred around a character named Zero who has a strange, patchy Russian accent. She was introduced into the game as a counter to killstreak rewards and was touted as a hacker (maybe a nod to the all the politics around Russian hackers these days) who could use her Ice Pick ability to steal those rewards and "cause some chaos."

It's only been a few days since Operation Absolute Zero came out, but already Treyarch is backtracking on Zero's abilities. The watering-down of Zero comes after intense online criticism, which basically amounts to one argument: "it's not fair." One Twitter user summed up the critique: "Zero has to be the worst decision of  & that's saying something. I get having counters to specialists/weapons/etc, but she is WAY OP. How is it right to *earn* high scorestreaks then have some kid sitting in the back & doing nothing get to take your stuff w/o effort?"

Unfortunately for the kids "sitting in the back," Treyarch has released a new patch which will include: "balance tuning for Zero, Half-Off Heist, Custom Games in Blackout, Audio and map improvements in Blackout, Zombies improvements, Auto Sprint option, Reactive Camo tuning" and more.