The El Chapo trial in the US of A continues to deliver memoir-caliber anecdotes on a day-to-day basis. The latest "fun fact" to emerge from the trial comes to us via Pedro Flores, a former cocaine trader taking the stand against the infamous kingpin. As the story goes, Pedro Flores often came to the aide of his brother, who operated a drug trafficking operation in Chicago, Illinois. The Flores' brothers dealings in the underworld eventually put them in contact with El Chapo and his closest operatives, on more than one occasion.

The incident that stuck out the most to court-appointed notaries was one particular exchange in which El Chapo made fun of Pedro's sloppy-looking shorts, with the insistence that he ought to dress better with all the money he has/had in reserve. What makes this anecdote interest on a psychological level, is that while El Chapo was merely flexing his power and/or taking the piss about his shorts, Pedro Flores was nervously counting his last breath, for fear that an ill-timed response could lead to his death.

Of all the people planning retribution against El Chapo for his unconscionable, and often murderous acts, who would have thought the wayfarer with the "sloppy shorts" would come back to haunt him. Definitely not El Chapo, by any stretch of the imagination. Check out the full report over at CNN.