Kodak Black paid a visit to Hot 97 yesterday to promote his upcoming album, Dying To Live, but things took a left turn when Ebro brought up Kodak's upcoming sexual assault case. The Florida rapper abruptly left the interview and many people criticized the radio host for bringing up an open case on-air. Now, Trick Daddy has spoken up in defense of Kodak, calling out Ebro for being disrespectful.

Trick Daddy wasn't impressed by the way Ebro approached his interview with Kodak Black last night. The legendary Miami rapper came to the "Zeze" rapper's defense and stated that Ebro didn't fulfill his responsibility of trying to guide the youth as an OG.

"Ebro, you disrespected the homie. You tried a young n***a. Kodak my little n***a, n***a. If nobody gon' step up, I'm gon' step up, n***a. I want smoke, n***a," he said. "You get on the radio, you're supposed to be an older n***a. You're supposed to be a n***a that's supposed to lead these n***as not into temptation. You're supposed to get these n***as and put them under your wing and teach them the right from wrong. But your bitch ass -- you're trying to be a fake ass Charlamagne."

He added, "Keep Kodak name out your mouth and stop bringing up shit you know the lil' homie can't talk about on the radio, bitch ass n***a."

Peep the clip below.