Social distancing is driving a few people to madness including Trick Daddy. The Miami legend hit the 'Gram today expressing his disdain towards social distancing and being in quarantine in an epic rant that touched on deeper topics. "I'm sick of this shit," he said. "I'm sick of the whole quarantining thing. I'm sick of it, yo. Got the strip club closed. Got a thousand mothafuckin' ones that I done had for a mothafuckin' two and a half weeks. Okay?"

Things began to escalate further as Trick detailed the list of chores he's accomplished such as picking up all of his clothes from the dry cleaners and charging both of his phones. However, even with his clothes cleaned and his phones charged, he has nowhere to go. "I got both of my phones charged for the first time in my mothafuckin' life and then everybody talkin' 'bout, 'it's just a lockdown.' No, that's not a fuckin' lockdown. That's not a lockdown! This is a major fuckin' problem. You tryna control us," he continued.  "What's lockdown is all my n***as that's in the county jail, the federal penitentiary, the state penitentiary. That's on lockdown."

It should be noted that Trick Daddy has been open about his lupus diagnosis in the past, making him part of a vulnerable group that's at greater risk of contracting the virus, according to