Love & Hip Hop: Miami returns to television screens on January 2 at 8 pm. The show's network released a 6-minute-long clip to tease the upcoming season. It begins with Trina's appearance as a mentor to young female artists at Rico Love’s music college. "All of us women, we have to stick together," Trina narrates. "My girl Dreezy, Molly Brazzy, and Miss Mullato, they are all super talented and I want to see them succeed." 

Amid all the positivity and talk of empowerment, Trina mentions the difficulties she is facing with her collaborator, Trick Daddy. The pair is set to release a joint project called T&T but the process isn't going so well. The female emcee is frustrated with Trick's lack of cooperation. She says she hasn't been able to get him in the studio for a session. He is even dodging her calls. “I’m doing everything, he’s not showing up,” says Trina. Clearly, something ain't right and things might have to get worse before a resolution can be found. That's was Trina seems to insinuate when she predicts a "war" between both rappers.

The preview also includes some DM sliding drama featuring Amara La Negra, Young Hollywood, and Gunplay. View the full clip below.