Of the new class of rappers, one of the most versatile appears to be Trippie Redd. Showing off his extensive skillset on an array of features and singles, the artist draws a line between genres, preferring to keep the middle ground and release music that cannot be classified within a certain box. Much like XXXTentacion and the late Lil Peep, Trippie fuses together rap with rock and other elements to create his own unique blend of music. Likely any up-and-comer would die for a Drake or J. Cole feature on their debut album but Trippie Redd is hoping to make this fantasy into a reality.

During an Instagram live stream, Trippie revealed that he's trying to get Drake or J. Cole on his upcoming album. After claiming that the work is "so unorthodox," he asks his fans to "Pray for me that I get Drake or J. Cole on there" before signing off. You'll recall, Trippie was set to appear on "God's Plan" but missed out on the opportunity so it is entirely likely for Drake to pop up on the album. Claiming that he has several songs with Drizzy back in January and recently praising J. Cole on the "ATM" video, Trippie is making the right steps towards achieving his short-term goal of a collaboration from one of the two.

As Trippie's debut album nears, we will await a release date and any information on the tracklist to see if his fan's prayers have been met. For now, keep your eyes peeled on his Instagram as he has been previewing several of his songs there. Swipe the Instagram post below to hear Trippie speak on a potential Drake or J. Cole feature.