KSI is one of the most popular YouTube stars in the world and over the past few years, he has been venturing out into various different fields. For instance, he has become famous for his boxing matches against the likes of Logan Paul. He is also an aspiring rapper and just a few months ago, he released a full-length project that had some massive features. One of those features was from Trippie Redd on the track "Wake Up Call." While these two were collaborators in the past, it seems like they have evolved into sworn enemies, and it's all because of Jake Paul.

Recently, Trippie took to his Instagram story where he sarcastically thanked KSI for paying for his studio. This prompted a response from KSI who said "you're welcome" while also noting that Trippie tampered with his business by going and hanging out with Jake Paul. KSI explained how he doesn't "fuck with" Trippie anymore and that their relationship is pretty much over.

Never one to give up the last word, Trippie went back on his story and told KSI to get over it, noting that the music industry is a business and that he was never friends with KSI. Trippie proclaimed that he can do whatever he wants and that includes kicking it with the younger half of the Paul brothers.

Needless to say, these two won't be collaborating again, anytime soon.