This past Thursday, we reported that 19 year-old Texan, Iann Dior, had employed the help of "Topanga" rapper, Trippie Redd, for his new single "Gone Girl." Redd took to Instagram to share news of the brand new track alongside the cover art for the single, "me and my bro @ianndior gunna be applying pressure for a lot more years to come," he wrote in the caption. "COMMENT 'gone' if u want us to release a EP together." But one fan was not too impressed, commenting with his preference for another collab idea, saying: "Nah we want that EP with Carti first." Probably not even expecting a response from the Ohio rapper, Redd surprisingly actually did reply, and we're sure his response left the fan more pleased than he could've foreseen. 

 Screenshot Via Instagram

"Sooner than later," Redd responded. Fans of Carti will surely be delighted to hear the news, as the 22 year-old Atlanta native has been pretty lowkey in terms of his musical releases lately, not counting the few songs of his which were mysteriously leaked on his Apple Music page, or the song he collaborated on with Tyler, The Creator"Earfquake" for Tyler's IGOR album back in May. But, seeing as recent rumours have us believing the young rapper has recently gotten engaged to his girlfriend of some time, Iggy Azalea, he could just be occupying a little bit more of his time with his new fiancé.