After dropping his official debut album Life's A Trip a few weeks back, Trippie Redd has decided it was time to treat himself.  While some opt to devour an entire pizza, or indulge in a shopping spree of sorts, Trippie has taken the road often traveled by rappers before him. TMZ reveals that the young artist has copped himself a new pair of grills, which feature the young generation's favourite topic of conversation: VVS diamonds. 

Tripped enlisted celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang to bring his ideal smile to life. With a budget of $50K, the finished project turned out appropriately lavish. The piece is encrusted with blue VVS diamonds, as well as 10 carat diamonds, which spell out Trippie's preferred number of "14." The layman may wonder what might provoke somebody to spend copious amounts of money on grills. To that, I have no answer. Yet Trippie is not the first rapper to do so, and he won't be the last.

In any case, be sure to head over to TMZ to catch some of the early images. Lord knows we'll be seeing Trippie flashing a blue smile for years to come.