Trippie Redd gets a lot of flack for his social media antics but this week, he proved that he has a good heart.

The Ohio native pressured his label to deliver in the current fight to take down systemic racism and they came through with a large donation.

"I made a call to my label," said Trippie on Instagram, sharing a report that 10K Projects had donated half a million dollars to fight racial injustice. "Won’t sit back and let things happen to my people knowing I’m around people with good hearts and souls that have no problem helping the cause."

The initiative that was launched by 10K Projects is called 10K Together. It will work to offer job opportunities to black youth, as well as support for black-owned businesses. $500K will be spent over the course of five years as part of a comprehensive program for charity, youth empowerment, and more.

As a first step, 10K Projects has donated $25K to Color of Change.

"We all have a responsibility to be the change we want to see in the world, but making a real difference is going to take a long-term commitment," says Elliot Grainge, the founder of the label. "We encourage our colleagues in the independent community to join us in our long-term fight against racist policies and racial injustice in this country and to create opportunity within the community that has given us all so much."