Those keeping up with the rise of the new school are probably well aware of the complicated friendship between Trippie Redd and the late XXXTentacion. While the two previously clashed, a heartfelt reunion proved that the platonic man-love between them was stronger than any fleeting negativity. Clearly, certain myopic fans have yet to grasp the notion of forgiveness, as evidenced by Trippie's latest Instagram rant. In fact, it's not quite a rant, but more like an appeal to reason. Unfortunately, given the target audience, his words may fall on unwilling ears. 

Despite seemingly forgetting that a period does in fact exist, Trippie kicks off his venting session swinging. The following has not been altered: "i dn’t wanna speak out on this but you mf’s so stupid y’all all negative asf and that is not what x wanted at all," he says. "what y’all don’t know is that x was mad competitive with me and it made us closer than ever cause he seen potential in me he seen in no one else and that’s versatility he loved it and me even after we got into it the 4 times y’all thought only happened once we were brothers and talked everyday no matter what."

Even though Trippie and X were indeed brothers, fans still seem intent on pitting him against the late rapper. "he was the only n***a I considered as family in this industry y’all all wanna just single me out cause y’all don’t like me maybe it’s my face my persona my success but I’m here to stay !" says Trippie. "And I’ll say it like I always do he live through me and ski and tank I’m tired of all this “L” “Clout demon” ass shit y’all on it’s starting to sadn me like y’all never listened to what jah told y’all or what his message was as a changed man and with that being said fuck anyone that wanna see me fall."

To his credit, he makes a powerful point. X had indeed seemed set on redemption, using his status to spread love and messages of positivity. It's a shame that some of his most ardent supporters continue to directly contradict his message. Hopefully, his fans can welcome Trippie back into their good books, as everyone is fighting for the same side here.