The tragic tale of Trippie Redd and 6ix9ine continues. While the former friends were previously part of one of "mumble raps" formative bromances, it would appear that their respective paths have pitted them against one another. Now, the two rappers are frequent rivals, throwing shade at one another at every passing chance. Despite a seeming reconciliation of sorts during Tekashi's recent stint in L.A, it would appear that Trippie is right back on his Tekashi-hating tip. The watchful eye of Akademiks has captured footage of a recent Trippie set, which finds the rapper orchestrating an inflammatory chant aimed directly at his rainbow haired rival.

With mic in hand, Trippie showcases his crowd-participation skills, leading the audience in a call-and-response rendition of "Fuck Bitch 9ine!" Despite the fact that they most probably share the same demographic, the crowd seems to buy into Trippie's inflammatory message. Admittedly, the chant didn't seem particularly rousing, and Trippie's anti-6ix9ine message seemed lost on more than a few concert goers. Still, it goes to show that some feuds will never die, no matter how petty or trivial they might be. 

Check out footage of the chant below. For anyone hoping the two would bury the hatchet and find it in their hearts to be friends again, it would appear that dream is dead.