Trippie Redd and 6ix9ine have a strange relationship to say the least. The pair of friends-turned-enemies ad infinitum have been seemingly locked in an eternal cycle: fight on Instagram, reach a tenuous alliance, fight once more. Now, given 6ix9ine's noted, and potentially career-ending legal struggles, it would appear a somber shadow has fallen upon his name. Yet that hasn't stopped Trippie's fans from decrying the rainbow wonder, as they happily did during a recent Astroworld concert in Newark.

As Trippie held it down as an opener for Travis Scott, the crowd erupted into a spirited chant of "Fu*k 6ix9ine!" Yet Trippie was not entirely committed to the cause, opting to nullify the chant with his own variation: "fu*k the drama." Perhaps this signifies a new leaf for the Ohio rapper, who has formerly immersed himself in any given 6ix9ine-related conflict.  

The year's final quarter has been solid for Trippie, who dropped off one of his most commercially viable and critically appreciated projects to date. Boasting some of his strongest tracks in a minute, Trippie's A Love Letter To You 3 showcases a marked growth for the young artist, who has occasionally been plagued by his own quick temper and propensity for social media feuds. In any case, this new "fu*k drama" mentality may very well signal a new era of Redd, in which diplomacy and love conquer those pesky base emotions.

Peep video of the incident here, uploaded via Reddit's "HipHopHeads."