In the 2000's, being compared to Orlando Brown wouldn't be as bad it is today. These days, the actor gets clowned on a weekly basis. The That's So Raven star has been making questionable decisions for years, making headlines for his wild mugshots and his bizarre behavior. The most recent instance of people commenting about Orlando Brown has to do with a video showing the actor walking around the neighborhood barefoot with a box of wine just a week after leaving rehab. People started to tag Trippie Redd in the video, noting the similarities in their facial features but the rapper is none too pleased about it.

"Motherfuckers is tagging me talking about Orlando Brown look like me with no face tats," said the Ohio artist. We've never really considered it but now that he's mentioned it, they do have similar features. He continued, "All I can think is, if I only like b*tches that look like me, what make y'all think I want a b*tch that look like Orlando Brown?" The "Love Scars" artist laughed hard after making the statement, mocking the actor by repeating "I got God!," something that Brown said a few times in the viral video. 

Trippie is having fun today. Hopefully, Orlando Brown can get his life back on track. It's sad to see him like this.