Last week was a busy one for new music releases. Rick Ross came through with his new album and Trippie Redd represented for the new school, dropping his ! body of work and letting it sit with the fans for a few days. The Ohio-based rapper has been celebrated over the years for his versatility but some fans were seemingly not feeling the direction that he took this time around. On social media, Trips has been getting clowned for the album with many saying that Playboi Carti's inclusion on the song "They Afraid Of You" was the only good part about !. Well, if you take a look at streaming right now, there's a good chance the song has disappeared from the album and apparently, the artist has something to do with it.

All reports are currently unconfirmed but Trippie Redd is being accused of removing the song from his album as a direct response to people saying that Playboi Carti had the only good verse on the project. The song, which sat near the front of the tracklist, is nowhere to be found on Apple Music or TIDAL and although fans are assuming the worst, there could simply have been an error in the distribution of the song. Perhaps there were issues clearing a sample?

Curiously enough, the song was also taken down from his official page on YouTube. The track remains on SoundCloud for the time being. This begs the question: what the hell is going on? Did Trippie really remove the song from streaming intentionally?