Funk Flex shared a controversial post earlier today, claiming some "wack" rappers need to step up their games, tagging G-Eazy, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump and Nicki Minaj. The post was made in response to Diddy's own comments that he fears the rap game is getting oversaturated. However, Diddy's comments can be seen as constructive and as coming from a place of love. Funk Flex, on the other hand, took it as an opportunity to bring down some rappers that have built significant success for themselves. 

While Trippie Redd was not name-dropped by Funk Flex directly, the Canton rapper stood up for himself in case the Hot 97 host and DJ had any negative feelings towards him, writing, "I fuck wit u and maybe later you'll realize I'm way different than these un versatile ass n---as. I got goals set for this music shit." Trippie has already proven himself to be a very versatile artist, singing on some tracks, rapping on others and even arguably getting into emo territory.

Trippie's comment is mature, proving self-confidence and pride in his work, acknowledging that he will validate his talent to his haters. The rapper even shows some love to Funk Flex as, after all, he is an incredibly influential fixture in the New York scene and you need to keep all bases covered in music. Lil Yachty also responded to Flex's comments and their exchange can be seen in our prior article.