Although Trippie Redd cites Kanye West as one of his favorite artists of all time, he does believe the Yeezy creator should be doing more for the city of Chicago.

Trippie Redd recently sat down with Power 106 in Trippie Redd to discuss a variety of topics including his upcoming tour with Travis ScottLife's A Trip and more. Trippie then spoke on a recent concert in Chicago where he ended up talking to his fans from the city in an effort to "change the youth." Clearly, his connection with his fans touched him to a degree. The rapper spoke on the fact that there's only one hospital that people could go to if they get shot and said that he feels some of the bigger artists who've made it out of the city should do doing something about it, including Kanye West.

"There's only one hospital in Chicago that got a place you can go after you get shot, so if you get shot 40 minutes away from the hospital you gotta go 40 minutes," he explained. "That's sad. And they got so many artists that done made it out of there... Not even trying to diss Kanye 'cause I love Kanye, but I mean, Kanye, like, that's where he from bruh. Go show Chi-Town some love. Go give 'em $30M to build a new hospital."

Peep the clip below with the Kanye comments coming in around the 10:35 mark.