Trippie Redd already has a lot of ink on his face but apparently, he felt the need to add a few more tattoos to his collection. The rapper has "Love Scars" tatted underneath his eye and a prominent red "14" on his forehead but now, he's got some markings directly on his eyelids. 

You'll only be able to see Trippie's new ink when he's blinking, or if he falls asleep, but he decided to visit the tattoo studio to get something small done on his face. Stars like XXXTentacion have gotten tattoos on their eyelids and Trippie Redd decided he wanted to try it out, getting "TR" on one eye and "666" on the other. The Ohio-based rapper has been obsessed with the number "666" since he came up, frequently referring to the number and shutting down any talk that he is a satanist. Both he and Lil Uzi Vert have been accused of worshipping the devil and since Uzi is now apparently out of the game, Trippie needs to keep that talk alive. Is there a better way to do so than by getting "666" tattooed on your face?

Many of the artist's "supporters" are commenting on the photo with rude messages, telling Redd that he looks "unclean" and asking what he's going to do when he's older. Obviously, these are comments that Trippie has dealt with on a regular basis and so far, he doesn't seem to be too bothered.