While the Silhouette Challenge has seemingly taken off where the "Buss It" challenge left off, some people are still having fun with the dance-off, which has pushed Erica Banks and her Nelly-sampling track to new heights. The social media challenge was the first thing to go viral this year, and it has attracted the likes of Jordyn Woods, Chloe Bailey, and many more to participate. 

It's been slowing down recently with the new Silhouette Challenge taking off, but there are still some celebrities taking part in the "Buss It" challenge. Notably, Canton native Trippie Redd, who just surprisingly uploaded his own video to TikTok.



♬ Buss It - Erica Banks

Walking through his home and smoking a blunt, Trippie Redd played "Buss It" in the background and accidentally dropped his backwood. When he bent down to pick it up, the beat dropped and the challenge began, which is generally where participating women would start to twerk. Instead, Trippie looked at the camera and started yelling, not rocking with the sus-factor of it all. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Trippie has been one of the stars of TikTok, getting creative with his content and racking up millions of likes and video views. It's seemingly become a fun outlet for him to be himself when he's not releasing new music.

In all seriousness, now that the storm has dissipated, who had the best "Buss It" challenge video?