Tristan Thompson's body count has risen to 5, as photos have emerged of the baller and an unidentified woman he'd been spotted spending time with in and around New York City. Honey German was first to report on the issue this morning with a quadrant of photos depicting Tristan and Jane Doe in separate candid poses. 

One of the photos clearly depicts the two individuals entering or leaving an NYC hotel. Apparently Tristan and his 'friend' have been partying during the course of Khloe's pregnancy, appearing in night spots all over Manhattan. Although her identity has been concealed, sources close to Honey German have identified her as a "Young Sales Clerk."

This news revelation comes as reports indicated that Tristan had been present during his babies pregnancy, and that she had forgiven him for his actions, for the time being. The argument for forgiveness stems from his previous encounters being nothing more than drunken hookups. These photo revelations seem to point to a premeditated course of action. Khloe may be swarmed by the dew of her newborn baby. When that wears off, there will be matters to attend. Stay peeled for more after the jump.