The internet trolls have found their newest target, The CW’s Batwoman. While the show only premiered last week, according to Complex, it’s already receiving a large influx of negative reviews. While Rotten Tomatoes lists the show’s score at 73%, the audience score presented on the site tells a far different story. The audience score here reads a mere 11%. 

While it’s entirely possible for there to such a large discrepancy between critic and audience opinion, in the case of Batwoman, it seems there’s more going on here, something called review-bombing. Since Batwoman is the first openly-gay female lead for a show on The CW, it appears that trolls are annoyed by the inclusivity and are leaving drastically bad reviews to bring down the average review score. Check out this breakdown below.

Comments like, "I have no words to express the level of cringe. Absolutely horrible," with 1/10 ratings show a complete lack of constructive criticism or substantive critique of the show. While the show might not be good, it's unrealistic to imagine this level of unexplained hate is justified unless it's pure trolling. It's also distracting because the show might not be perfect, but these reviews completely throw off an accurate rating for the show.

Batwoman airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. Check it out and form an opinion on it for yourself.