It looks like things may be good again between Trouble & Alexis Skyy. Earlier this week, rumors surfaced saying the two had broken up after footage surfaced showing what appeared to be Trouble kissing another woman in the club last week. Although the video clip was hella blurry, the evidence kinda proves he was guilty from what he was seen wearing, but apparently Alexis aint sweating it.

Last night, Trouble & Alexis were spotted hanging out with friends and enjoying some drinks together. Trouble shared the clip on his IG Story, with #thuglove written across the bottom. Its unclear at the moment on where they were at, but a hand gun can be seen on the table, serving as a little back up if things get out of hand. Check out the clip (below) and let us know what you think. Should Alexis give Trouble another chance?

In other news, Alexis Skyy had fans worried last month when she shared footage of Trouble gripping her neck. However, its not what you think as Alexis was seen smiling and saying she “loves it” when he does that (See below).