If Edgewood wasn't a strong enough reason to endear yourself to Atlanta's Trouble, perhaps this new clip might do the trick. The man with the most distinct drawl in hip-hop has clearly been enjoying the spoils of his rising fame, and as such, has decided to pay it forward. "This is one of the biggest blessings, the biggest moments in every n***a life right here," explains Trouble, as he prepares to surprise his mother with a new mansion.

"I want you to know I appreciate everything, mama," he says, as his mother steps out the car, blindfolded. "Welcome to your new house."  Upon seeing her new place, she immediately breaks down, hugging Trouble in an emotional embrace. She proceeds to examine the mansion, truly an impressive sight to behold. As she enters, she is rendered speechless. 

"My Mama C did it all an im foreva grateful an proud to Be her son!," writes Big Troub, on Instagram. "I’d give the world if I could.. But for now, I can make it to where she has no Bills! The Big GOD Blessed me to put 4pateks on her new estate! Iaintstuttin my wrist!Im already lit!" He also advises some of the up-and-coming rappers out there to be wise with their spending. "Lets stop turnin up so much for da gram if you aint turnin up for yo fam! To erBody gettin money, got money or plan on gettin to it, NEVER forget who made sacrifices for you and Held u down & UP!"

Respect goes out to Trouble for this one. Not only did he put out one of the year's best projects, but also held it down for his family in a major way.