As DaBaby continues to face consequences for his Rolling Loud Miami remarks as well as his controversial apologies that subsequently followed, his supporters have vocalized their ire. After penning an apology yesterday (August 2) where he called out people who would rather criticize than educate, DaBaby was removed from the iHeartRadio Music Festival and Midtown Music Fest, in addition to several others. 

Rapper Trouble has come forward to defend DaBaby's right to express himself while also condemning Cancel Culture. "All this sh*t just fake as f*ck!" Trouble said in a video he uploaded to Instagram. He angrily questioned how people, who were just lifting DaBaby up could be calling for him to be punished.

"One motherf*ckin' mistake 'bout sh*t and you actin' like a n*gga just went on this b*tch and said, 'F*ck all gays,'" he continued. Trouble recalled DaBaby's Rolling Loud moment and said if he was there, he would have followed suit and just put his light in the air. He also called out rappers, as well, for remaining silent during times of controversy.

"You wanna do songs when it's beneficial, get on a n*gga's sh*t, ride a n*gga' d*ck, but you don't got sh*t to say when that sh*t taken away from a n*gga or a n*gga in jail. Come on, man." Watch Trouble vent his frustrations below.