Rising Philadelphia-based rapper Popp Hunna learned about the perils of fame this week, getting blackballed by a number of sources within the industry because of allegations against him and paperwork that has resurfaced, showing his cooperation in a federal murder case. Popp Hunna, the artist behind the viral hit "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)", was contacted by Lil Uzi Vert via direct messages, who asked him to remove his feature verses from his new project because he "couldn't respect" what Popp did. In case you're not up on this story, Popp allegedly spoke to the feds after witnessing the murder of his friend when he was 13-years-old, which many are equating to "snitching"

Atlanta rapper Trouble decided to weigh in on the subject, hitting Twitter with his thoughts on the matter.

"Even though I dont agree wit his decision to rat and even thro his moms in it, the lil corvette corvette kid aint the only rapper rap that don got someBody prison time," wrote Trouble, referring to the current controversy surrounding Popp Hunna. "Yall just Be choosin who yall wanna accept due to affiliations smh Dont make him kill hiself dawg smh."

He continued by dissecting the topic even further, sending off a couple more tweets related to the matter.

"Alotta da n***az yall respect aint neva even Been in no real situations for you to really determine if he 'real' or not. If he’ll snitch or not," added Trouble. "You muhf*kkaz just Be respectin money, chains and whateva majority puBlic opinion says."

Do you think Trouble has a point? This has the potential to ruin Popp Hunna's career, as the young rapper has already stated that he's considering prematurely retiring from rap over this scandal. Do you think it's a non-issue that the internet is blowing out of proportion?

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