Troy Ave is doing pretty well for himself as an independent artist, and while he's looking to maintain that level of creative control, he's looking for some type of major label backing as well. Speaking with HOT 97, Troy revealed that he's in the process of working out a joint-venture deal, which while he did not elaborate, we can assume would be earning a major label imprint for his indie label, BSB Records.

"I'm going to get a joint venture," Troy shared. "Everything I'm doing I told people I was going to do but they didn't believe me. I don't blame them. You've got people that just say things. Where I'm from you don't just say things, your word is everything."

Whether or not the proposed "7-figure" deal would involve T.I., Ave maintained that the rapper would be involved in his career regardless. “T.I.’s the home team. We’re putting plays together behind the scenes,” he explained. “T.I. is definitely influential in everything I do, but I got the number one independent label in the streets–BSB Records. Self made and self paid and we're just doing what we do.”

Watch the full interview below.