Tekashi 6ix9ine's legal team is reportedly afraid for his life once he gets off of house arrest. His sentence is set to end soon and his lawyers may have good reason to be fearful because, in recent weeks, Troy Ave has been encouraging rappers to practice what they preach and take care of the rat infestation in the streets.

First, he suggested that Jim Jones should have the situation handled after Tekashi 6ix9ine got his friend Mel Murda locked up. Now, he's seemingly telling Meek Mill that, unless he plans on sending some actual shots his way, stop sending virtual threats at the rapper.

Troy Ave is a firm advocate of the street code, despite his own allegations of being a snitch. He regularly questions the integrity of rappers and whether they are actually true to the streets like they say. On the new episode of The Facto Show, the New York personality took aim at Meek Mill.

Troy Ave 6ix9ine Meek Mill
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images 

"Why the fuck is Meek Mill going so hard on 6ix9ine? If you ain't about to about kill that n***a when you see him, don't say shit," said Troy Ave while on the phone with Boskoe100.

He proceeded to speak about how Meek loves to talk about Nipsey Hussle and his accused killer, critiquing his approach to that situation as well.

"It don't matter, and then he say 'yeah and Nipsey said, and Nipsey said.' N***a, what the fuck do Nipsey got to do with this shit?," continued Troy Ave. "Nothing at all. If that's a fact, there's a n***a sitting in jail that killed Nipsey. Bail that n***a out and kill him on the streets, if n***as are really on some shit."

Boskoe100 and Troy also speak about Tekashi 6ix9ine's snitch accusations against Snoop Dogg. You can find that at the 16-minute point. The conversation about Meek begins at 18-minutes.