Trump’s final Christmas card photo of his presidency caught the public’s eye and not because of the President and the First Lady’s matching tuxedos. Many believe that the picture of Trump is oddly familiar and say the card could be the work of Photoshop

Spectators pointed out that the photo of Trump is similar to those that were taken in London last year, and believe it was planted next to a photo of Melania, who also looks as if she was photoshopped in

“Merry Christmas from President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump,” the first lady tweeted with the allegedly edited portrait. 

While the photo was celebrated by many, those who are in speculation had no problem sharing their handy detective work in the replies. 

What a lovely photo (shop). Was Donald lifted out of a photo from this same meeting?” one user tweeted. 

“They even lie ON A CHRISTMAS CARD. here's the pic they photoshopped Donnie from,” another user commented. 

Melania was under fire recently for admitting that she does not care for her White House Christmas tasks, and has shown little to no interest in participating, adding fuel to the fire for these super sleuths and their theories. 

Do you think the Christmas card picture is photoshopped?