Last week, London's mayor Sadiq Khan approved an edict allowing protesters to fly a giant Baby Trump Balloon in the sky while they demonstrated. The protests taking place in London are in defiance of President Trump's diplomatic visit in the UK, where he met British PM Theresa May, a woman he'd openly criticized.

The protesters wearing orange jumpsuits openly referred to themselves as "babysitters" as they pumped air into their giant Trump doll. Although demonstrations were organized across the UK, London organizers benefitted from the showy appeal of their giant-sized balloon. Authorities have yet to release a head count for the protests, while organizers have estimated a total of 100,000 Londoners took the streets this afternoon.

Protests in America have centered around Donald Trump unpopular immigration policies. In the UK however, protesters took several cause simultaneously on one overarching appeal for his dismissal from the country. Many protesters lifted signs (messages) and raised their voices against subjects Trump has vehemently opposed, some of which included Immigration Rights, Climate Change, Brexit, Gay Rights, The Free Palestine Movement, to name but a few. And though an image of Trump as a toddler persisted overhead, the sentiment on the ground was one of great importance.