President Donald Trump only has a couple of days left in office but it seems like he fully plans on making the most of it. In fact, it was reported earlier today that Trump intends on pardoning and commuting dozens of sentences, which is good news for those in Trump's circle who have recently been convicted of a wide variety of crimes. Interestingly enough, it's also been rumored that Trump will be pardoning some high-profile names in the hip-hop community.

Of course, some of the biggest names that have been rumored are Kodak Black and even Lil Waynewho is awaiting sentencing for a federal gun charge that he recently pled guilty to. According to outlets like TMZ and the Daily Mail, Lil Wayne is quite likely to get a pardon, which is interesting when you consider how Wayne was spotted alongside Trump just a few months ago.

Upon learning the news of Trump's rumored Wayne pardon, fans immediately jumped on social media to offer their hot takes and memes about the situation. Many hip-hop fans despise the current commander-in-chief although they can't help but be excited at the prospect of someone like Wayne being pardoned. Fans also noted that perhaps Wayne's Trump friendship was simply a way to get a pardon and that the rapper was just playing the long game like some type of maniacal genius.

It's been said before but the internet is undefeated and today was no different. You can check out some of the best memes reacting to the situation, below. Also, stay tuned for updates on Trump's pardons as we will be sure to bring those to you.