It's a celebratory moment for the majority of us because President Donald Trump has taken his final steps out of the White House, boarding Marine One ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

In just a few hours, a new administration will be inaugurated, which means that Trump's horrific reign over the country is nearly complete. After four harsh years of casual xenophobia and racism, mishandling a deadly pandemic, and false claims of election fraud, the orange man is finally walking out of the White House for the last time. A video was captured of his conclusionary speech outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, showing the President and First Lady addressing a crowd of reporters before boarding Marine One as the Village People's "YMCA" blared over loudspeakers.

"We have worked hard. As the athletes would say, we left it all on the field," said Trump. "In a month, when we're sitting in Florida, we're not gonna be looking at each other and say, 'you know, if we only worked a little bit harder'. You can't work harder. And we had a lot of obstacles. We went through the obstacles and we just got 75 million votes and that's a record in the history of sitting Presidents. That's an all-time record by a lot, by many millions, in the history of sitting Presidents."

Of course, Trump also continued to spew his casual xenophobia by referring to the coronavirus as the China Virus. Did we expect any less?

The moment ended as Trump took his final walk to Marine One with the First Lady, waving his farewell before hopefully disappearing forever. But that wasn't before he said he'd "be back in some form".

Watch the moment above.