Allen Weisselberg, CFO of The Trump Organization, is headed to court to fight his tax charges. 

Weisselberg is facing time as a result of a plan to be paid under the table alongside other executives to avoid taxes. The official indictments are expected to be unsealed in court Thursday afternoon according to one Trump representative.

Trump’s team is calling the charges a “politically motivated” attack on the former President stating, "the district attorney is bringing a criminal prosecution involving employee benefits that neither the IRS nor any other district attorney would ever think of bringing, this is not justice; this is politics."

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is currently heading the lengthy investigation working hard to expose the financial crimes committed by Trump and the Trump Organization.

Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law, Jennifer Weisselberg has spoken to investigators and revealed that Vance suspected Weisselberg and other execs were able to avoid paying taxes in exchange for fringe benefits, such as an apartment.

The future isn’t looking bright for the Trump team as D.A. Vance has only been advancing in his agenda since he won the rights to obtain Donald Trump’s personal and professional tax documents back in February.

One of the Trump Organization's attorneys, Ron Fischetti, suggested Weisselberg is only facing charges because he would not give up information on Trump to investigators stating, "they could not get him to cooperate because he would not say that Donald Trump had knowledge or any information that he may have been not deducting properly the use of cars or an apartment.” 

Spencer Platt/Getty Images