It's looking all but certain that Joe Biden will become the next President of the United States. The election has not been determined yet but, with how things are looking in Nevada, Biden is likely to get the electoral college votes needed to be confirmed the forty-sixth POTUS. 

As you all know, Trump has been complaining about the democratic process all week, suing the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan in an attempt to stop them from counting votes, which were cast prior to the polls closing. 

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With the President kicking and clawing as he gets tossed out of the White House, it is being reported that, in the past, Trump has claimed, both jokingly and seriously, that he would run again in 2024 if he gets bounced. 

A report by the New York Times suggests that Trump may be planning another run in four years, which is something he has reportedly told his advisers. If he cannot legally challenge the election results, there's apparently a large chance that he tries to beat Biden (and Kanye again) in 2024.

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Complex points out that, in history, only one President (Grover Cleveland) has served two non-consecutive terms. If he decides to run again, should he even be a free man, Trump would be 78 at the time of the election.

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