“A Trump rally sounds like Hitler in Berlin. Or KKK shit, now I'm goin' in,” YG raps in the opening verse of his 2016 hit, “FDT” (F*ck Donald Trump). The song has shown to be a favorite among those opposed to the Trump Administration, and thus quite the thorn in the side to the president’s more ardent supporters.

Such a divide was put on display in Denton, Texas, recently, when a Trump supporter allegedly assaulted a protestor for refusing to stop playing the song. The reported victim later took to social media to address his health status after the encounter, stating,

“Just want to let you know I am home safe, I got out the hospital a little while ago. As you can see, I got a little scar on my eye and little bruising right here.” He continued, gesturing to a mark under his eye, “Definitely going to have a black eye, it’s already forming. It chipped my tooth and probably broke my nose but the doctor said it looked pretty straight so I should be fine as long as I don’t move it around too much.”

The incident from Saturday afternoon was recorded by a bystander and posted to Twitter, where it has already amassed 7.5 million views. In the sixteen-second clip, the alleged assailant can be heard threatening the reported victim, “I’ll f*ckin eat your f*ckin face off, motherf*cker. You want a f*ckin piece? Turn it [“FDT”] off! I’ll f*ck you off.”

The assault reportedly took place at this point, resulting in the potential victim falling to the ground. The accused can then be heard demanding, “Get up, motherf*cker! Get up!”

Denton Police Chief, Frank Dixon, tweeted of the conflict, “We are aware of an assault that occurred at Buccee’s in our city this afternoon. A report has been taken and detectives are conducting an investigation. If you have information, please call Denton Police at (940) 349-8181. The suspect is in the brown/red hat and black t-shirt.”