Earlier today, President Donald Trump spoke at a press conference at the White House's Rose Garden. During the conference, Trump detailed an upcoming trade deal and following his speech, opened up the podium for the press to ask him questions. When confronted with questions about the sexual assault investigation that his supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is currently undergoing, Trump's demeanor changed, and he became rather defensive.

One the reporters on the receiving end of Trump's ridicule was Cecilia Vega of ABC. She was called upon by Trump to pose a question with Trump immediately commenting, “She’s shocked that I picked her. Like in a state of shock." Vega responded by clarifying that this was not the case saying, "I'm not Mr. President, thank you." He then proceeded to say, "you're not thinking, you never do."

Despite being somewhat disoriented by Trump's comments, Vega launched into a question about a recent tweet Trump made in reference to the Kavanaugh investigation. Trump instantly shot down the question suggesting that Vega was out of line because the subject of the press conference was the forthcoming trade deal. While Vega attempted to articulate her question, Trump called on another reporter.

After answering numerous question on Trade, a CNN journalist named Kaitlan Collins attempted to ask another question about the Kavanaugh investigation. Similarly to Vega, Collins was reproached with the president wagging his finger at her saying her actions were "not nice." Unsurprisingly, Collins was passed over and another journalist was handed the mic.