Tua Tagovailoa was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 2020 and in his first season, he was able to make quite the impact. While he mostly competed for the team's starting job with Ryan Fitzpatrick, there were times where Tua was able to carry the team and provide the team with some timely victories. The Dolphins even almost made the playoffs although an embarrassing loss in Week 17 ultimately left them on the outside, looking in.

After a win in Week 1 this season against the New England Patriots, fans were eager to see what the team could do against the likes of the Buffalo Bills, who are expected to be title contenders. Early in the game, the Bills took control, and they even took out Tagovailoa as the QB went down with a rib injury after being sacked.


Eventually, Tua was brought over to the sidelines where he received treatment on his ribs. He was in visible pain and it led to him being carted off by the training staff. X-rays came back positive on broken ribs, so now, he is going to have to get an MRI to see the true extent of the damage.


This is the worst possible news for the Dolphins who need their starter if they want to make the postseason this year. Now, there are a lot of unknowns that they will, unfortunately, have to navigate through.