Fans will pay a pretty penny to get items that were once owned by their favorite artists, and articles belonging to Tupac Shakur are hot commodities. The world lost a great talent in 1996 when Tupac was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. It's unsurprising that collectors and fans of the rap icon continue to purchase and bid on items in hopes of owning a part of history.

We've seen his letter to pop star Madonna and his prison polaroids hit the auction block, and now Gotta Have Rock and Roll have a few more keepsakes for sale. The auctioneers have numerous Tupac-related items including two bandanas, one blue and one red, reportedly worn by the late rapper. "Tupac Shakur owned and worn blue bandana 'do-rag,'" they wrote in the description, mistaking the folded and tied bandana for a du-rag. "The bandana came from the collection of a very close family friend of Tupac's. Very good condition." They're estimated to bring in upwards of $4,000 each.

Other Tupac Shakur items for sale include a Death Row Records All Eyez On Me press release, the rapper's hotel bill from The Mondrian, his diamond nose stud, a diamond gold ring, his handwritten lyrics to an unreleased song, a handwritten letter, a handwritten poem, and more.