Marvels Comics and the 2pac estate have come to terms on an agreement to produce a collab collection in which the rapper's iconic image will be enmeshed with imagery from the Black Panther franchise. Now that BP 2 is about to enter the scriptwriting phase, the onus is on Marvel, and all the invested parties, to keep the wave going strong. 2pac was by all accounts, a hero, in the modern sense of the term: flawed and ambivalent but passionate about his beliefs.

The clothing collection can be purchased exclusively through POP, a subdivision of Foot Locker's online store. If you ever (recently) wished to own a Tupac t-shirt with a BP soul patch stitched into the fabric, now's your chance to have it mailed to your doorstep at a reasonable cost.

The senior VP of Marvel's merchandising (sector) described the meddling of subcultures as a "vital part" what made the Black Panther film so influential in the first place.

All nine pieces in the collection are dropping Today (November 9). They include 7 long sleeve tunics and two t-shirts, of which four bear Tupac's face, one the Black Panther costume -- the rest are less imagistic and more text-based, as you can see right here. The prices range from $25 to $30 for short-sleeved shirts and $50 for the hoodies.