While Tupac's legacy will live on forever, the case surrounding his murder feels like it'll drag on for just as long. Since his passing in 1996, police have had an enormous amounts of difficulty to pinpoint who was behind the gun that killed Pac. Yesterday, news broke that the gun used to murder Tupac was recovered but has now gone missing. Today, a new report has surfaced that one of Pac's rivals was murdered the day before the gun was recovered.

According to TMZ, Southside Crip member Orlando Anderson, was killed in a shootout in Compton on May 29th, 1998, a day before the gun used to kill Pac was recovered. While it seems like a stretch, there seems to be a direct connection to Pac's death. Anderson was the individual Tupac and his friends fought at the MGM Grand prior to Pac's murder in Vegas. However, the theory that some are claiming is that Anderson and other Crip members were seeking revenge which may have led to Pac's death. In addition to that, Anderson was also named a suspect in Pac's death but was never formally charged of any crimes.

They say the murder weapon used to kill Pac was found in a Compton backyard where a Crip member's girlfriend lived. An LAPD document says that specific gang member was with Anderson in Las Vegas the night Tupac was killed. At this point, Las Vegas police don't remember taking the gun in after Pac's murder.