He's one of the fastest rhyme spitters in the game, making Twista an icon in hip hop. The Chicago native has a decades-long career filled with hits that are fan favorites, and today he released his latest project Lifetime. The five-pack EP was reportedly created in collaboration with Red Bull, and to help promote the project, Twista visited Hot 97 and chatted with Ebro in the Morning.

During the discussion, Twista talked about his relationship with Kanye West. He said that they met each other in the Chicago music scene while frequenting hip hop clubs. Eventually, the pair worked together on classics like "Slow Jamz" and "Overnight Celebrity," but in recent years they haven't stayed in contact. "I haven't talked to him as much," Twista admitted. "I talked to Rhymefest recently, I know he goes down there with him. We still cool, we just haven't talked."

Twista also shared how he thinks the rap game has changed throughout generations. "A lotta young cats don't really care about intelligence in rap no more," said Twista. "Some do, but we been in it for so long we saw the decline of intelligent input. So I think right now you got a lotta people that do music or they listen to music, they all into the vibe."

Watch Twista's full interview with Ebro in the Morning below and see what else he had to say about Eminemquick-rhyming rappers, working with Red Bull, and more.