Most 90's babies, at one point in time or another, hopped on the Pokemon train. Some never got off. The anime centered around little monsters that can be captured and trained became a worldwide phenomenon that brought fans video games, cards, t-shirts, movies, and everything else you can think of. 

What if I told you that 19 seasons and 16 movies from the Pokemon franchise would be coming back as a continuous marathon? That's exactly what Twitch is doing for the millions of Pokemon fans around the nation. According to The VergeTwitch is bringing 932 episodes of Pokémon to their platform beginning on August 27th at 1PM ET/10 AM PT for viewers in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. 16 films are also included in the marathon. 

Viewers won't be able to watch all the content at once though. The catch is, Twitch will be airing  “several different marathons" from August until 2019. That means all the Pokemon episodes will be split up into their original seasons, or maybe with a longer run, for limited times. Essentially, what Twitch is doing, is creating several smaller Pokemon events to bring in viewers for the next four months. The new Sun and Moon seasons are not included in the marathon though, which means you'll have to get your new-age Pokemon fix elsewhere.