Jay-Z pissed off many people a few weeks ago when Roc Nation signed a deal with the NFL and then again when Meghan Trainor was listed on the lineup for the Inspire Change concert he curated that will be taking place at the NFL season kickoff on Thursday. These moves from Jay-Z, who is often held up as a leading figure in the Black community, seemed to evidence a betrayal, as the NFL failed to stand behind Kaepernick and Meghan Trainor has failed to show any interest in criminal justice reform. 

With Jay-Z making all these missteps, people on Twitter are debating whether Beyoncé should have made some sort of public comment by now. The faction that thinks she should have denounced her husband appear to interpret her silence as approval. The other side argues that Beyoncé doesn't owe the public anything, and that she could very well disagree with Jay-Z and still not have any responsibility to defend his decisions or her marriage. Many on Twitter are also pointing out the underlying misogyny in expecting Beyoncé to play this role of her husband's keeper when he messes up, but never give her any credit for or ask for commentary on his successes. 

Read some of the takes below.