Jack Dorsey, the brains behind Twitter, has come under fire for giving business to Chick-Fil-A, a company's whose owner, Dan Cathy, has expressed some staunch anti-LGBT views in the past. Taking to his widely-popular social media platform, Dorsey shared an image of the purchases, and subsequent savings, he was able to access through a mobile app promotion. 

As a result, Dorsey was dragged online for his support of a corporation whose CEO has openly denounced gay marriage in favour of more traditional and conservative values. Soledad O'Brien, a former news anchor with CNN, notes the irony in supporting Chick-Fil-A, tweeting how "this is an interesting company to boost during Pride month."

Dorsey directly responded to O'Brien's tweet, noting how he had "completely forgot about their background." 

However, many have begun to criticize Dorsey and O'Brien for publicly shaming a company that has never had any reported claims of mistreatment towards LGBT staff or customers, and continually make charitable donations to the community.