David Duke's name is infamous. When most people hear the name, they think of the KKK boss that rose to fame throughout the 70s and 80s. It would seem like everyone would stay away from naming their child after such a hated figure, but maybe the Providence Friars' basketball star David Duke's parents didn't get the memo. 

The young black junior has been playing pretty well as of late, which has publications posting his name at the top of headlines. Of course, this has caused some confusion. If you woke up this morning and saw David Duke's name trending on Twitter, you may have been shocked. The twitter-verse vented their confusion and bewilderment after learning the truth. 

Duke recently helped his team wreak havoc on the Butler Bulldogs with game-highs of 22 points, a career-high 13 rebounds, and eight assists. It was the performance that thrust his name into Twitter relevance. "So happy to see that David Duke is trending because it's the name of a basketball player," wrote one user. "BTW, Who the fuck names their kid 'David' when their last name is 'Duke'? SMFH." Aware of his infamous name, Duke had a response for the haters during his freshman year.