Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and millions of people rely on it for news. In fact, the social media app is used in a wide variety of ways. From keeping in touch with friends to posting memes to sharing articles and news, the platform does it all and there are always a plethora of people using it at any given times. Having said that, when there is an issue and Twitter stops working, well, people get confused, and then they get upset.

Such was the case today for about a solid 90 minutes as nobody could tweet anything or see any updates. The platform experienced a full on global shutdown, which had many flocking to Instagram which just simply wasn't the same. Minutes ago, the official Twitter Support account tweeted that they had restored the platform and that things were normal. They even assured people that it wasn't a hack of any sort.

As many can imagine the reactions to the Twitter outage were quite intense, as soon as the platform returned. Many expressed confusion while others noted just how hard it is to go just a simple fraction of time without their beloved bird app.

You can see what people had to say about it all, below.