A photo of Young Joc surfaced late last night, and has since gone viral. The photo in question shows Young Joc rocking a new hair do, with his hair permed and combed to the side, he's even got the part going on. That hairstyle, paired with a pretty comical facial expression, is the kind of stuff the internet is made for. The internets devour this kind of randomness. 

Thus, Young Joc is trending more than he has in years. He's since defended the hairstyle, but it remains unclear if being turned into a meme was all a part of his plan. Whatever the case it's definitely good for a laugh. The internet has gone ahead and compared Young Joc's new look to that of your auntie, the "cool female security guard at school," the Popeyes lady, SpongeBob SquarePants and more.

Check out some of the funnier tweets below.